Revitalize your Engine

a nice and elegant technology to improve your vehicles performance

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How to make your Engine New ?

Go Green !! Save Environment !!

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What HHO Do ??


Carbon Buildups from gasoline and diesel engines


Fuel Consumption and Engine Performance


carbon build up from forming on catalytic converter, EGR



improve engine power

improve engine power by 20%,reduce emissions by 72%

Long Life

Cleaning ternary catalytic and can be used for a long time.

Power System

Using IGBT technology and imported switch form Schneider

Generator System

Using 316L stainless steel and grid structure of electrolyte cell, the thickness of steel is more than 4mm.

Intelligent sensors

Flush sensors, extend the life of the oxygen sensor

Clean Almost Everything

Clean conbustion chamber and exhaust pipe,prolong engine overhaul period and inspection.

Control System

Easy operation with simple screen button and the digital circuit line

Safety Guarantee System

It has 10 safety parts to double the safety index than national standard. The safety guarantee system is sure to mak you operate without any error.

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